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Siren Marine Launches Next Wave of Connected Boat™ Technology With Affordable, Easy-to-Install MTC™ System

New Technology Brings Peace of Mind to all Types of Boaters, Benefits Fleet Operators and Boat Builders

Siren Marine LLC, a pioneer in Connected BoatTM technology, has announced a late-May 2017 release date for its breakthrough MTCTM boat monitoring and tracking system, and companion iOS and Android apps.

More than two years in development, Siren Marine’s MTCTM technology enhances the overall boating experience by eliminating worry. This next generation 3G cellular system gives boaters the power to know — wherever they are — that their boat is safe, secure and ready to enjoy. Because it is affordable, easy to install and comes with a choice of cost-effective subscription options, the MTC is a practical solution for boats ranging from center consoles and bass boats to cruising sailboats and trawlers.

“As long-time boaters, we understand how valuable time on the water is,” said Siren Marine CEO and Founder Daniel Harper. “Our technology connects people with their boats in ways we’ve now become accustomed to with our homes and cars — empowering them to predict and prevent problems, rather than just react to them. With the MTC, boaters have the peace of mind that when they arrive at their boat with family and friends, they won’t find dead batteries, a flooded bilge, or worse,” added Harper.

A sophisticated base unit engineered and constructed for marine use is at the heart of Siren Marine’s MTC system. Paired with a variety of wireless and wired sensors, the MTC lets boaters “check in” on their vessel from their home, office or on the road. GPS tracking makes it easy for owners to see where the boat is, for added security and peace of mind when family members and friends are using it. Even when they’re not thinking about their boat, the MTC will automatically alert owners via the Siren Marine app to a variety of critical conditions, such as unauthorized entry/motion, battery voltage, bilge status, temperature and vessel location. No longer will boaters have to stress over such everyday situations as dragging anchors, leaky through-hull fittings or pesky marina neighbors “borrowing” their shore power cable.


In addition to the confidence and security that come with remote vessel monitoring and tracking, the MTC gives boaters unparalleled ability to control key onboard systems. The ability to remotely trigger an alarm or control cabin and cockpit lights, air conditioning, battery switches and more from a smartphone or computer not only enhances security, but also reduces prep time and helps get boaters out on the water and having fun faster.

This ability to monitor, track and control vessels remotely bring a range of important benefits to boat builders and fleet managers, as well. Siren Marine’s MTC will help charter companies, boat rental clubs and commercial fleets stay on top of where vessels are located, how they are being used, and how key systems are functioning — improving safety while minimizing down time and maintenance.

Affordability, ease of installation and intuitive operation were key design goals for the MTC — making the technology accessible to a wide spectrum of boaters. A choice of wired or wireless sensors lets boaters configure the optimal system for their vessel, needs and budget — as well as their personal DIY capabilities. MSRP for the MTC is $599, and the MTC-Plus, which will be available later this year, includes the base unit and four wireless sensors for just $799. With affordable yearly, monthly and seasonal (April-October) wireless subscription plans, boaters can find the most cost-effective option for their boating lifestyle.

To ensure the best possible coverage for boaters, Siren Marine has partnered with global cellular provider Vodafone. With reliable 3G service from a world communications leader, cruisers using the MTC will benefit from seamless international roaming as they travel from country to country. Wherever the destination or port along the voyage, the peace of mind that comes with the MTC will be along for the journey.

Siren Marine plans to expand its offerings later in the year with the addition of two new products. The MTC-Pro will offer even greater functionality and capabilities, while the MT will provide a scaled-down version of this technology, ideal for yacht tenders and other small boats.

For more information on the innovative Siren Marine MTC system and the Siren Marine App, visit, or contact the company’s Newport, Rhode Island headquarters at 401.619.4774.

About Siren Marine and Connected Boat Technology

Siren Marine is an innovation leader connecting boaters with their vessels via a central hub and mobile/web apps, empowering them to predict and prevent potential disasters. Siren Marine’s proprietary technology monitors the status of a variety of conditions aboard a vessel and sends the owner alerts when critical conditions occur. By warning boaters of issues such as bilge water level, low battery voltage, shore power disconnection, dragging anchor, temperature variations and unauthorized boarding or vessel operation, Siren Marine provides boaters with enhanced situational awareness and something even more important —peace of mind. This technology can also be used to control important onboard systems such as lights and air conditioning remotely, making a boat ready to use and enjoy when its owner arrives. For more information on Siren Marine, contact

Media Contact: Ron Ballanti
Strike Zone Communications


Trade Only Today: Siren Marine Hires California PR Firm

This story appeared on on March 16th, 2017.

Newport, R.I.-based Siren Marine hired California-based Strike Zone Communications to spearhead its public relations and marketing communications efforts.

This new marketing partnership comes at a time when Siren Marine, a technology company that has helped spearhead the “connected boat” concept, is preparing to unveil new products.

Siren Marine’s next-generation Monitor-Track-Control products will be launched this spring.

A network of wired and wireless sensors installed on the boat connect to the MTC Core, which sends alerts and messages to boat owners via the global cellular network.

Siren Marine’s MTC products help boaters predict and prevent problems, deter theft or unauthorized use, monitor onboard functions and remotely control key vessel systems from their homes, offices or while in transit.

“Siren Marine is on the threshold of delivering game-changing technology with the potential to benefit boatbuilders, fleet operators and a broad spectrum of boating enthusiasts worldwide,” Strike Zone Communications president Ron Ballanti said in a statement.

“We are excited to be helping Siren Marine communicate with boating journalists, the industry and end users alike to effectively explain not just the technology behind these breakthroughs, but also how it will enhance boating enjoyment by eliminating worry.”

“This is an exciting and pivotal time for our company, and communications will play an integral part in our success,” Siren Marine founder and CEO Daniel Harper said. “We are ready to hit the ground running over the coming months and are pleased to have a partner with a shared passion for the boating lifestyle and the potential of the connected boat.”

Providence Business News: R.I. companies receive Innovation Voucher grants

Providence Business News: R.I. companies receive Innovation Voucher grants

(Story by Mary MacDonald, PBN Staff Writer)

PROVIDENCE – Five Rhode Island companies have received Innovation Voucher grants from R.I. Commerce Corp., allowing them to partner with research and development centers at universities, medical centers or research facilities.

The companies, which have fewer than 500 employees, were among 31 applicants for the latest round of Innovation Voucher funds. The incentive is designed to allow small companies, which do not have their own research and development capacity, to pair with universities, medical or research centers. Awarded on Monday, the grants in total are worth $246,302.

The recipients are:

  • FS Maritime LLC will use the University of Rhode Island’s expertise in environmental hydrology and civil engineering to complete validation testing of a prototype of its Precise Energy Separation water treatment device. The device generates light waves that destroy a range of pollutants in water, according to a Commerce RI announcement. The company will receive a $50,000 grant.
  • Phoenix Medical Technologies LLC will work with a renowned brain stimulation expert at Bradley Hospital to collect clinical data and other information for the development and commercialization of its medical device. The device uses sensory stimuli to non-invasively treat ADHD symptoms, as well as those of other conditions, according to the news release. The business has received a $50,000 grant.
  • Prisere LLC will work with the Architecture Department at Rhode Island School of Design to quantify and refine the outcomes of high-performance building technology for climate-resilient design. The information will be used to inform insurance underwriting and pricing models that will benefit small businesses and other companies that take steps to incorporate climate resilience in construction, according to Commerce RI. The company will receive a $50,000 voucher.
  • Siren Marine LLC will work with the New England Institute of Technology to develop a wireless transceiver and sensors for the Siren Marine Internet of Things cellular gateway. This technology is designed to improve the company’s existing technology and expand its system for use beyond the marine industry. The company will receive a $50,000 grant.
  • Xmark Labs LLC will work with the Gait Lab at the Providence Veterans Administration medical center to develop a low-cost, low-latency tracking technology for virtual reality and augmented reality applications. The funds will allow the company to access equipment and expertise in locational tracking and analysis. The company will receive a $46,302 grant.

Siren Marine on Watch and Monitoring Gizmo

Ben Ellison, the editor of the Marine Electronics blog Panbo, recently left his Maine based trawler Gizmo in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the winter. Untended.

Now that his boat is docked in Osprey Marina, he is relying on one of our Pixies to provide status updates and peace of mind while he is up North. Check out his recent blog from November 27th;

Thanks to a Siren Marine Pixie, I know she’s exactly where I docked her, the main battery is floating at 12.7v, and the temperature in the engine room is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. I hope to add more sensors when I go down for a work session in a couple of weeks.

Thank you Ben for the update. We look forward to following you on your trip back to Maine, and also to hearing about future applications of our device on Gizmo.

Image: Gizmo in Port Jefferson on her Trip South


Panbo Review: Siren Marine, Best Cellular Boat Monitoring Yet?

Our entire team was beyond flattered to receive such a glowing write up for the very well esteemed folks over at Panbo.

I like receiving an “I’m OK” text message from Gizmo every day, even if she is still sitting in the middle of Wayfarer’s back lot, and I’m becoming confident that the Siren Marine Sprite I’m testing will be very useful once it and the boat are fully commissioned. I’ll be able to set security or anchor drag geofences and not only get a warning if Gizmo moves but also precise tracking messages about where she goes. And whether on board or ashore I’ll get a head’s up if the refrigeration fails or if the bilges fill, or whatever other on/off sensor I hook up. I could even control, say, the deck lights with my cell phone, which might be fun when going aboard in the dark or if I get an intruder warning…

Winning Pitch Pays Off – Siren Marine Wins Top Prize in Business Plan Competition


Providence Journal Business: Daniel Harper of Siren Marine, left, gets a hug from John McGarr, center, after learning that the company had won the Rhode Island Business Plan Competition’s top prize.  

Siren Marine took home the top prize in the Rhode Island Business Plan competition on Thursday, amounting to a cash grant of $40,000 and paid in kind lawyer, accountant and consultant services worth an estimated $25,000. With this grant, Siren Marine intends to move their business to Rhode Island, and join in the diverse marine and entrepreneurial community of the Ocean State.

RI Business Plan Competition

The Business Plan Competition is the leading community supported business plan competition in New England, and is aimed at strengthening the thriving entrepreneurial spirit in Rhode Island. In total, the competition has awarded more than $1.2 million in prizes to entrepreneurs since its formation in 2001, and encourages both early stage companies and new businesses to enter. Over 450 applicants have pitched their business plans in the competition since its founding, which awards grants for the top business plan, technology prize, entrepreneur track, student track prize, and an additional cash bonus to varying businesses and start-ups. In addition to winning first prize in the competition for its electronic boat monitor, Siren Marine was awarded the $25,000 bonus and the technology prize.

Siren Marine Moving to the Ocean State

Having been awarded such a generous cash grant from Rhode Island based RIEDC and RI-CIE, one of Siren Marine’s first moves as the Business Plan winner is to relocate to Providence. The President of the company, Dan Harper, is looking forward to the move, and relocating to the most well known boating state in the country. Newport’s strong sailing tradition as the America’s Cup Venue from 1930 to 1983 makes the move especially appealing for a company that loves to Sail. In addition, having the headquarters of US boat manufacturers Hinckley, J-boat and Hunt located across the bay also makes Rhode Island the ideal choice for Siren Marine, which partners with leading boat manufacturers as a standard option. With a generous cash grant and an exciting move planned, Siren Marine is looking forward to making a strong start in the Ocean State.

Read the full article on the Providence Journal Online archive


2012 Chicago In Water Boat Show – Siren Marine

Our very own John McGarr interviewed at the 2012 Chicago Boat Show:

Siren Marine President Daniel Harper Interviewed by Boating Local

Tom Richardson of Boating Local recently interviewed the President of Siren Marine, Daniel Harper, at the Brewer Pilots Point marina. In the accompanying video, Captain Harper provides a brief overview of Siren Marine’s capabilities aboard the marina’s 26-foot center console test boat. Many of the basic functions are discussed, with a more detailed explanation of Siren Marine’s Geo-fence capability. With an internal highly sensitive 12 channel GPS, a Siren Marine unit notifies a boat owner to unauthorized asset movement. Whether a boat is stolen or begins to draft, the internal GPS acts as an electronic anchor drag alarm, and allows a boat owner to track and recover their boat with pinpoint accuracy.

Center Console Installation

Also in the video, Captain Harper walks through a basic center console installation. Of all boats on the water, center consoles are especially vulnerable to sinking based on their design. With smaller batteries and open cockpits, center consoles frequently take on water and rely on a comparatively lower battery source to supply bilge pumps with the power they need. When you factor in the fact that center consoles typically have lots of electronics also drawing from that battery, there is a real chance of a battery dying, leaving no power supply for the essential bilge pumps. As a result, center consoles are one of the class of boats most in need of a bilge pump/battery monitor on the ocean.

Thank you Tom and Boating Local magazine for the interview and video! Be sure to read the accompany article, and watch the full interview on Boating Local here.

Siren President Daniel Harper on 790AM

Thanks again to Patricia Raskin for hosting Siren Marine’s president Daniel Harper on her radio show Positive Business.

Make sure to “dial in” to listen to the Daniel-Harper on 790AM.

For more make sure to check out Patricia’s website Positive Living to learn more about her broadcast schedule.

Siren Marine Press in Cruising World

We are very thankful for all the nice press our products have received lately including this great review that was picked up in Cruising World.

Our team has been working round the clock to make sure our product is everything we’d like it to be, and everything a boat owner would want it to be, and so reviews like this one are really meaningful to our entire team. So, once again thank you to folks over at Cruising World for taking the time to share our product review with your readers!

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