Battery Monitoring

Battery Monitoring

One of the core functions of our products is monitoring your battery’s condition. Low or dead batteries are one of the most common problems to all boaters. Not only can a flat battery detract from your Saturday, having to get a jump or replacement to start your motor, but can also result in a catastrophic outcome in the event that your boat is taking on water and there is no power to run the bilge pump. With our boat battery monitor in place Siren Marine reports battery voltage in three ways:

Low Battery Alerts: Receive text alerts when your main boat battery falls below a preset level. Factory preset on devices are set at 11.8 volts and are easily customizable.

Scheduled Reports: Receive boat battery voltage status reports daily or as frequently as your want. Scheduled reports are also customizable from 1-99 hours.

Query at Anytime: Simply text “info” at any time and receive a text back with your boat battery’s precise voltage, and the voltage of your Siren Marine unit’s back-up battery.

Boat battery monitoring made easy and done right – all delivered straight to your phone!


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