High Water Alarm

High Water Alarm

Every Boater knows the value of a High Water Alarm in preventing a major disaster on their boat. In addition to sounding an audible alarm that may or may not be heard, Siren Marine products go one step further. Our products are designed to be hardwired into existing equipment, and contact people directly in the event that water begins accumulating in the bilge. There are three ways to interface a Siren Marine unit with a High Water Alarm.

Float Switch: When a float switch activates from high water, your Siren Marine unit receives the signal and sends you and three others the high water alert.

Resistance Probe: Connect your device to a resistance probe in the bilge and be alerted if salt water closes the connection

Onboard High Water Alarm: When a high water alarm is activated on the boat, your Siren Marine unit sends you and three others the text alert.

Our remote high water alarm set up will deliver reports straight to your cell phone in real time.

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