Product News – Siren Marine Releases a Brand New Installation Diagram

master wiring diagram

Complete System Wiring Diagram

In an effort to continually understand better our customers, how our products are being used and how we can improve Siren Marine to better meet these goals, a completely new series of wiring diagrams have been developed by Siren Marine. These diagrams are the products of dozens of conversations with you, our customers and our installers. What makes sense, what isn’t clear, how does everything get connected together…

bilge input

Each wire is described in an individual diagram so that any special functionality or wiring to the boat’s systems is crystal clear.

The new full color drawings have several improvements:

  1. There is a complete wiring diagram for each wire, input or output.
  2. Each diagram uses the color of the wire and the wire assignment to clearly illustrate the relationship between the “software” and the hardware or, another way to think about it, is the relationship between the physical connections and the digital connections.
  3. Each diagram describes specific details of that individual input or output as it relates to special functions or capabilities of that wire.
  4. The final diagram of the Installation Diagram Suite illustrates what a complete system could look like.
  5. Many of our customers only need individual parts of the capabilities of our system, and there is a diagram for most of the common setup scenarios, so it is easy to match your specific installation with a diagram identical to your specific needs.
Basic with Bilge

The Individual Diagram: Basic System with Bilge

One of the benefits of the Siren Marine system is that it is dynamic.  The same hardware can be configured with simple text commands to accomplish a wide variety of monitoring-task, position tracking, security functions and systems alerts. The system’s two control output channels also offer the boater the ability to control onboard systems with simple text commands.

These diagrams are design to make the onboard functions easier to connect and buildout the perfect Siren system for your boat. But it is also designed to make the basic installation focused on Bilge, Battery and Position simple to understand. If you perform any of the basic installation and maintenance on your own boat, armed with these new drawings and manual update, you should be able to install the basic Siren System within a few hours yourself.

But if you prefer to have the system professionally installed, just check our dealer locator page to find an installer near you. The diagrams will help you decide what accessories fit your ideal installation.

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