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The Siren Pixie 2.0

$499/ea, Service Plan Sold Separately Out of stock


  • Battery Voltage
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Bilge High Water
  • Bilge Overrun Timer
  • Entry/Hatch Alert (Optional)
  • Shore Power Sensing (Optional)
  • 12v Accessories including Bilge Pumps (Optional)
  • Tamper Sensor
  • Ambient Temperature Sensor
  • 3 Open Inputs (6 Inputs Total)


  • Anchor Drag Transgression Reporting
  • Geo-Fence Tracking (Both Coordinate and Google Maps)

Control (Up to Two per Device)

  • Remote Battery Switch (Optional)
  • Manual Bilge Pump (Optional)
  • Lights (Optional)
  • Audio or Strobe Alarm (Optional)
  • Two 1amp Relays (they can actuate an external relay ie. a 110v relay with a 12v coil for air conditioning)

To view the technical specs for this product please download our Pixie Technical Specifications document.

Please note this document is a PDF.

  • (1) 12 V Accessory Adapter (Pigtail)
  • (1) Terminal Strip
  • (1) Transient Voltage supressor
  • (1) Mounting Bracket
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