We make boat ownership better! Our founder, Captain Dan Harper spent over 20 years sailing the globe. In his travels, he discovered virtually every problem that boaters face and learned that small problems become big problems when no one is around. Since 2006 Dan has tirelessly developed, tested, and refined what is now Siren Marine. Our products allow you to monitor, track, and control your vessel no matter where you are, giving you unparalleled control of your boat beyond the harbor!


All boaters worry about the big problems that can arise when no one is around, be it water intrusion, unauthorized entry, or power loss. With a Siren Marine unit installed on your boat, you can monitor the systems onboard from anywhere in the world. Breathe easy knowing that your vessel is still afloat, and your valuables protected.


Boat theft is a crime that affects over 6,000 boaters each year in the US alone, and unfortunately only 40% of stolen vessels are ever recovered (National Insurance Crime Bureau, US Watercraft Theft and Recoveries, 2012). Being able to track your vessel minutes after it moves vastly improves the chances of recovery. With Siren Marine, you receive the course, speed, and the direction of your vessel moments after a theft, and can track its movements through Google Maps right from your phone.


With two open outputs, you can control onboard accessories remotely through a simple text message or the iPhone app. Turn on or off the spreader lights, courtesy lights, a remote battery switch, HVAC, or a manual bilge pump, and have greater control of your vessel from anywhere.


you deserve peace of mind