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Welcome to the Connected Boat

Siren Marine gives you the power to know — wherever you are — that your boat is safe, secure and ready to enjoy. Affordable, easy to install and simple to use, Siren Marine is the perfect solution for connecting you with your boat.

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Battery Monitoring

One of the core functions of our products is monitoring your battery’s condition. Low or dead batteries are one of the most common problems to all boaters. Not only can a flat battery detract from your Saturday, having to get a jump or replacement to start your motor, but can also result in a catastrophic […]

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Bilge Pump Monitor

Protecting against water intrusion into your boat is one of the most common problems, and potentially the most catastrophic, that Siren Marine helps you mitigate. Don’t wait until your bilge is full of water to find out there is a problem. Bilge Pump Over-Run: Siren Marine allows you to set a timer for every time your […]

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Track Position and GeoFencing

Want to know where your boat is? Our high gain GPS with GeoFencing allows you to see where your boat is at anytime, and more importantly, that it is right where you left it. Track Position: Leaving your boat untended? You can query the device any time and receive your boat’s precise course, speed, longitude, […]

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An onboard alarm can scare a thief off and prevent theft. Want to know if someone has entered onto your boat? Our products communicate with a variety of boat security sensors. With motion sensors, hatch sensors, canvas snap sensors, and/or pressurized mats, you can both set off an alarm and be alerted when security is […]

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High-Water Alarm

Every Boater knows the value of a High Water Alarm in preventing a major disaster on their boat. In addition to sounding an audible alarm that may or may not be heard, Siren Marine products go one step further. Our products are designed to be hardwired into existing equipment, and contact people directly in the event that […]

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Temperature Monitoring

All of Siren Marine’s monitoring systems come equipped with their own temperature monitor, allowing you to monitor onboard temperature at any time. In addition to on-the-go temperature monitoring, high and low temperature alarms can also be set, and the record high and record low temperatures are stored.

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Shore Power

Plug our 110 volt shore power sensor into an AC outlet and receive an alert if your boat gets disconnected from shore power. In the event your boat gets unplugged, or there is a power outage at the dock, a fast response can protect your asset from loss. Our shore power sensor works with both […]

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Remote Anchor Drag Alarm

Our device provides a low power option to relying on your chart plotter. Receive an instant text message if your anchor drags while you are ashore. Our device can be configured to not only send a text message, but also trigger an audible alarm or strobe in the event that your boat moves. Remote boat […]

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Video Capture

Capture event-triggered images and video, check on the pets, or make sure the boat is docked or moored securely. When the video is triggered, a short 15-second clip is sent to your phone immediately. Perfect for verifying a monitored event or for just checking on your boat. This feature will not be available until late […]

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iPhone and Android Apps

Receive information about your boat where and when you want it. Siren Marine’s native iOS and Android Apps, and mobile responsive web portal, displays critical information about your boat in an easy-to-use and intuitive way.

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Wireless Senors

Choose from a wide selection of wired and wireless sensors. Wireless sensors are quick and easy to install, while wired sensors are reliable and require minimum maintenance.

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NMEA 2000

Access data from NMEA connected devices, such as speed, wind, depth, engine hours, engine temperature, tankage levels, etc. This feature will not be available until late 2017.

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Satellite Ready

Continue to monitor and track your boat when it goes out of cell range or is located in an area with poor cell reception. As soon as the Siren Marine system loses a cell signal it will switch to satellite communications. This feature will not be available until late 2017 and will require the purchase […]

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Remote Access Control

Every Siren Marine Device comes standard with customizable outputs for controlling accessories remotely, such as A/C, lights, batteries and other electrical accessories.

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Internal Reserve Battery

Each Siren Marine unit comes equipped with its own reserve Lithium-Ion battery, which provide reserve power in the event that the main battery dies. Should this happen, your Siren Marine unit will continue to monitor the boat’s vital systems for an additional 48 hours independent of the main battery. Rest assured knowing that you can […]

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Why Cellular vs. Wifi or Satellite

GSM cellular networks are more stable than Wifi or Satellite. Wifi networks are prone to interruption for many reasons, and Satellite is victim to bad weather. Having a stable connection is essential!

Both Wifi and Satellite both require more battery power. Our goal is to monitor your battery, not drain it! Siren Marine devices draw between 10ma to 40ma. What that means is that our products will operate for months without significant power loss. Neither Wifi, nor Satellite can deliver that type of performance.

Where does it work?

GSM stands for Global Standard for Mobile Communications. It is the worlds most prolific mobile standard. Our device works in North America, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. The short answer is that it simply works, period.

SMS (text) messages travel as a very small bitrate. That means that in places where you are unable to make a phone call, often times an SMS message will get through (typically 10-15 miles offshore).

Remote Boat Monitoring Technology with You In Mind

We have built one device that will serve all your needs when you are away from your boat and the majority of the time you spend on it. Our remote boat monitoring technology works hard and smart to help keep your vessel secure.