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Mike – Maryland

"Two years ago I bought our system from Siren Marine for our 44 foot downeast-style boat. It’s been a great system which has allowed us to detect personnel boarding the boat to perform work; detect when shore power has been lost due to storms and battery status: enabled us to check the boat from out of town to determine that everything is ok and more.

This spring, we needed to replace the internal battery for normal maintenance. I needed assistance to troubleshoot the installation. I contacted Siren Marine technical support on a Friday afternoon. They worked with me until late that evening and called me back once they determined the solution. They walked me through the steps required to reset the unit which resolved the problem.

The customer service has been excellent and the product has been extremely stable. I would like to especially recognize Dan and Alex for their superior support and product knowledge. We look forward to the next generation of hardware and apps from Siren Marine."