Why Cellular vs. Wifi or Satellite

GSM cellular networks are more stable than Wifi or Satellite. Wifi networks are prone to interruption for many reasons, and Satellite is victim to bad weather. Having a stable connection is essential!

Both Wifi and Satellite both require more battery power. Our goal is to monitor your battery, not drain it! Siren Marine devices draw between 10ma to 40ma. What that means is that our products will operate for months without significant power loss. Neither Wifi, nor Satellite can deliver that type of performance.

Where does it work?

GSM stands for Global Standard for Mobile Communications. It is the worlds most prolific mobile standard. Our device works in North America, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. The short answer is that it simply works, period.

SMS (text) messages travel as a very small bitrate. That means that in places where you are unable to make a phone call, often times an SMS message will get through (typically 10-15 miles offshore).

Remote Boat Monitoring Technology with You In Mind

We have built one device that will serve all your needs when you are away from your boat and the majority of the time you spend on it. Our remote boat monitoring technology works hard and smart to help keep your vessel secure.