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Tim M – Massachusetts

"I installed my first Siren Marine Pixie on my Contender (Hookers) after becoming suspicious that others were entering onto my boat during the summer. I leave her frequently untended next to a busy restaurant, and on occasion would arrive to my boat and discover that bar patrons continued late night partying on her after hours. Not only were spreader lights being left on when I was confident I had turned them off, but my batteries were being drained much faster than usual.

I started monitoring Hookers through my phone, and after a few months, wanted to have the same control of my car rental fleet as I did with my boat. I currently have 18 units reporting from my fleet, and can personally attest for this system’s accuracy. I have successfully repo’d a few of my rental cars through a Pixie’s GPS, and am monitoring all their batteries remotely through my phone. Great little system!"