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Your home is smart. Your boat should be too. Your home is smart. Your boat should be too.

The Vergecast x Siren Marine

Siren Marine’s Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To continually transform the modern boating experience through innovative IoT Connected Boat® technology.

Our Vision

To inspire, support and lead a fully connected and service-enabled marine industry, driven by data, utilizing proprietary hardware, software, cloud computing and IoT applications.

Where We Started

The genesis of Siren Marine stemmed from CEO and Founder Captain Daniel Harper's realization that most of the significant problems that occur on boats start small and continue to manifest when left unattended. Harper’s solution was to develop a cellular-based device that would be connected to the boat's bilge and battery, and would "text" him on-shore if a critical event occurred. Following the success of the early prototypes, Harper set out to make his groundbreaking product available to the world. This marked the start of Siren Marine in 2011.

How Far We’ve Come

Siren Marine is now leading the Connected Boat® revolution. Driven by cutting edge technology & engineering excellence, the company grew from a small team operation to a comprehensive business organization which now offers marine IoT products that are unrivaled in the marketplace. Siren's technology provides boaters peace of mind through real-time data & critical alerts to help them know that their boats are safe & secure – or that they're not. Smart boat monitoring allows boaters to stay connected anytime, anywhere – so they can focus on enjoying their boats, not worrying about them.

Siren Marine's Connected Boat® technology also puts actionable data at the fingertips of boat dealers, OEMs/boat builders, fleet operators, service providers and other marine businesses. The goal is to use technology to create a truly connected marine industry – one in which data is used to make the boating experience safer, more efficient and even more enjoyable.

It’s all about smart boating, smart data & smart business.

Monitor Systems & Get Instant, Critical Alerts

Monitor boat battery level remotely from the Siren App
Monitor bilge and high water level remotely from the Siren App
Bilge &
High Water
Monitor shore power remotely from the Siren App
Shore Power
Monitor boat temperatures remotely from the Siren App
Get Siren App alerts on the go

Track Your Boat with Precision; Know it’s Safe

Get security alerts for unexpected entry with the Siren app
Security & Entry
Set geofences and get GPS tracking with the Siren app
GPS Tracking & Geofencing
Monitor multiple boats with the Siren app
Monitor Multiple Boats
Satellite tracking is available with the Siren app and SirenSat accessory
Satellite Ready
Set custom geofences and receive critical alerts with the Siren app

All You Need

Siren 3 Pro Main Device

Siren 3 Pro device

iOS or Android App

Siren Connected Boat app is available on both Apple and Android devices

Do More with Sensors

Browse add-on wireless and wired sensors for Siren 3 devices

Enhance your Siren system with these optional add-ons

Siren Marine Logo Mark in Organge

Leading the Industry for Over a Decade