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Micro ePIR Motion Sensor


The Micro ePIR motion sensor provides similar functionality as the Visonic 360 Ceiling Dualtech in the most compact and hard to detect package available. An ideal solution for monitoring a boat’s main entryway or corridor.

  • Blends Seamlessly into any decor, providing invisible protection and detection
  • Wall or top ceiling mountable
  • Standard or one-way direction detection and sensing selectable
  • Dimensions: 07/8” x L1-3/8”
  • Detection Profile: Wide Angle -15’ x 15’ (60o), Curtain – 15’ x 3’ (10o), 360o Ceiling – H7 – 10’ x 015-20’D (100o)
  • Power Inputs: 9-16 VDC
  • Current: 13-16 mA
  • Alarm/Relay Period: 2 Seconds
  • Alarm/Relay Output: NC @ 28VDC/100mA
  • Auto LED (Auto Delay Disable): 30 minutes; extendable as required
  • RFI: 30V/m; 10Hz-6GHz
  • EMI: 50KV/EIFL
  • WLI: 10K + LUX
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