The Connected Boat

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Siren Marine’s Connected Boat technology is revolutionizing the boat ownership experience by providing boat owners, fleet operators and boat builders with critical information, peace of mind, and a better boating experience.

Always Connected. Always Protected.

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Monitor Your Boat, Away From Your Boat

Track your boat's position, receive alerts when critical events occur, view live video from the boat, access engine metrics, view NMEA information, and control onboard devices remotely.

  • icon Battery: +-
    Monitor battery voltage and amperage.
  • icon Bilge: +-
    Receive instant alerts if there is water in the bilge.
  • icon Security: +-
    Receive alerts if there is unauthorized entry on the boat.
  • icon Two-Way Switching: +-
    Control on-board devices remotely, such as lights, A/C or batteries.
  • icon Video: +-
    Event-triggered image and video capture.
  • icon Position: +-
    Track the location and movement of your boat.
  • icon Shore Power: +-
    Find out if power is lost or disconnected.
  • icon Temperature: +-
    Monitor temperature of cabin, engine room or water.
  • icon Anchor Watch: +-
    Get instant notification if the anchor drags.
  • icon NMEA 2000: +-
    Access data from NMEA 2000 connected devices.

Information Where and When You Want It

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Take Control of Your Boat!

  • Monitor, track and control your boat from your cell phone, tablet or computer.
  • Track the location of your boat.
  • Receive alerts when critical conditions occur.
  • Prevent damage or loss.
  • Receive insurance discounts.
  • Simple to use, easy to install
  • Global coverage.
Siren Marine Connected Boat

Cloud-Based Fleet Management

Siren Marine’s cloud-based fleet management system monitors multiple marine assets. Ideal for Charter Companies, Boat Rental Clubs, and Commercial Fleets.
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Going ashore? Stay in touch with your boat with Siren Marine™

Every boater knows that small problems can become big problems if left undetected. Our products allow you to monitor, track, control, and secure your boat from a cell phone, tablet or computer. Siren Marine’s years of boating experience has led to the development of a technology made ‘by boaters, for boaters’ that solves real-world boating problems, bringing you peace of mind and greater control, enabling you to enjoy your day, your way.