Bilge, Battery and Position. Bilge tops the polls as primary concern shared by boaters; but battery remains the king.

Of the 575 boaters that took our on-line poll, 231, or 40% said that bilge pump activity was what concerned them most when away from their boat. Security at 36% was second followed by Battery Level at 16% and “Other” at 8%. Temperature and Shore Power were the predominant “Other” choices.   This gives usContinue Reading

Power or Sail?

Some things keep us up at night. Only because we care. Head over to the Siren Marine Facebook page and let your voice be heard by replying in the comments.

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Dead Reckoning. Reflections from the Sea

Dead Reckoning.  Essential for navigation. Critical for life.

dead reckoning

As we approach the end of another year, and the beginning of the next; it is a personal habit to slip away, by myself, and reflect. To dedicate some time to consider the year in my wake. To evaluate the route that I had planned, the storms and sunsets I encountered along the way, the horizon I had as a final waypoint. All now plotted neatly on the chart. Connecting lines of list and calendars, times spent with colleagues, friends and family. Ventures new and habits old. Relationships ended, suspended, blossoming and born out of chance. Wins and loses. These fixes, if you will, plot the journey of the past 12 months, the watches I have stood to sail life from where I was, to where I am. And, if in-fact, the place to which I have arrived, is actually the place for which I was steering.Continue Reading

Blown Fuse on Bilge Pump System Found and Fixed!


A typical 15amp ANL fuse. Blown.
Absolutely nothing at all unusual or special about this fuse. Or the fact that it is blown.
It is the fuse for the automatic bilge pump system.

While installing a basic Pixie on a new customer’s boat last week, along with the yard’s head technician of 25 years, we came across a problem. No power at the 24/7 power bus. As most boats have, this boat had a circuit that powered things like the stereo’s internal clock, memory on the electronics, the CO2 detection system and… the automatic bilge pump system.

Why the Bilge Pump System is “King”

All boats have unique electrical systems, and for that matter, every boat, unless it is one of the strict one-design racing classes, are different even among the same year, make and model. However – one thing most boats have in common, is a power source that is in-line before the main battery on/off switch. Commonly called a 24/7 circuit. This source is intended primarily for critical systems that should never be without power, and the automatic bilge pump system is king of all of these systems.  Being able to monitor the performance of you bilge pump is critical.Continue Reading

Visit Siren Marine at the New Orleans International Work Boat Show

We are very pleased to be exhibiting with Gencorp Insurance Group this year at the New Orleans Work Boat Show! Turnout this year has been terrific, and you can see our team at booth 3653. Having Randy Carnahan from Gencorp Insurance Group with us has also been exciting. Gencorp provides first class Business and PersonalContinue Reading

Siren Marine on Watch and Monitoring Gizmo

Ben Ellison, the editor of the Marine Electronics blog Panbo, recently left his Maine based trawler Gizmo in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the winter. Untended. Now that his boat is docked in Osprey Marina, he is relying on one of our Pixies to provide status updates and peace of mind while he is upContinue Reading

Daniel Harper Speaking at FMIU

We are very humbled and grateful that the head of Siren Marine, Captain Daniel Harper, has been invited to speak at this fall’s Florida Marine Intelligence Unit annual meeting (taking place Nov. 13-15, 2012).

Dan will be discussing a number of items specific to remote boat monitoring and related technologies including the utilization of our Siren Sprite and Siren Pixie boat monitoring units and how technology is playing an ever increasing role in how boat owners secure and maintain their vessels. Continue Reading

Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show – Siren Marine Is Here!

We are very pleased to have a booth at the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show – this is one of the events that we look forward to every year! You can visit our team on the exhibitor floor in Booth 1232. In part we love this event because of the amazing people we get toContinue Reading

Meet Steve & Bob

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Panbo Review: Siren Marine, Best Cellular Boat Monitoring Yet?

Our entire team was beyond flattered to receive such a glowing write up for the very well esteemed folks over at Panbo. I like receiving an “I’m OK” text message from Gizmo every day, even if she is still sitting in the middle of Wayfarer’s back lot, and I’m becoming confident that the Siren MarineContinue Reading

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