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An Epiphany

Posted by Jonathan Banks on

On a recent trip to New York I had an epiphany. As I walked down the aisle of the Amtrak Regional 163, I noticed that every single person on the train – young or old, professional or student, seemingly rich or poor – was watching, working on, listening to, or otherwise engaged with a smartphone, computer, or tablet. The vast majority of them had at least two devices visible.

Pictured: literally every single person in the world.

We have reached a point where the connected device has become ubiquitous in the developed world. There are now more mobile phones in existence than there are people on planet Earth. Quite literally, every person in the first world has a mobile phone, tablet, or computer, if not all three. The developing world is not far behind, and a global network that is universally accessible is no longer out of reach.

With the growing adoption of connected technology in all aspects of our lives, it is not unreasonable to think that in the near future, every boat with a battery and an engine will be connected to the internet via a telematics device. Every single one of them. Given the nature of boats, and the harsh environment in which they live, at a minimum, every boat owner will want to know that the boat is where it should be, the battery is okay, and that it is not taking on water.

Looking ahead, boat monitoring will no longer be reserved for luxury boats. With affordable and easy-to-install products from Siren Marine, any size boat will benefit from a boat monitoring and tracking system. Even a typical "working man's" boat is not an inexpensive asset, and in many cases represents a larger percentage of the owner's net worth than high-end boats.

As connecting devices to the global network becomes status quo, Siren will constantly strive to provide intuitive, affordable Connected Boat solutions; with options becoming ever more reliable, inexpensive, and easy to install. Connected technology has become accessible to everyone, and quality monitoring products will be available to all boaters.

The dream of building a company that develops and sells an "insanely great" Connected Boat product has morphed into becoming an insanely great company with the vision to see a world in which all boats with a battery and an engine are connected.

I call it "The Connected Boat Revolution".

See you on the water!


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