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Peace of Mind for Boaters

All You Need

Main Device

(Optional: Sensors)

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Monitor Systems & Get Instant, Critical Alerts

Monitor boat battery level remotely from the Siren App
Monitor bilge and high water level remotely from the Siren App
Bilge &
High Water
Monitor shore power remotely from the Siren App
Shore Power
Monitor boat temperatures remotely from the Siren App
Get Siren App alerts on the go

Track Your Boat with Precision; Know it’s Safe

Get security alerts for unexpected entry with the Siren app
Security & Entry
Set geofences and get GPS tracking with the Siren app
GPS Tracking & Geofencing
Monitor multiple boats with the Siren app
Monitor Multiple Boats
Satellite tracking is available with the Siren app and SirenSat accessory
Satellite Ready
Set custom geofences and receive critical alerts with the Siren app

Control Your Boat from the Palm of Your Hand

Control lights, A/C & digital switching systems with the touch of a button

Turn lights on and off with the touch of a button Adjust A/C controls with the touch of a button Control digital switching systems with the touch of a button
Siren App allows you to control your boat remotely from an easy to use app interface

Peace of Mind for Your Boat & Family

Prevent theft of your boat, electronics & gear
  • Security Monitoring & Alerts
    • Motion Sensor
    • Canvas Snap Sensor
    • Magnetic Reed Switch (Hatch or Doorway)
  • Pair Security Sensor with an Alarm
  • Arm/Disarm Options
Siren Marine is the number one solution for smart boat security
Peace of Mind - prevent boat theft, access security alerts and monitoring

Save Money through Insurance Discounts

A Connected Boat® is the smart choice

Most insurance providers offer discounts with security & boat monitoring solutions
Enable smart boat monitoring may make you eligible for an insurance discount

Get Started!

Our products are designed for easy install & intuitive use
  • Unbox the device & assemble
  • Connect to a power source
  • Set up the Siren Marine App & pair your service subscription
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Stay Informed with Smart Data

Smart boating technology offers
benefits to businesses

The Siren 3 Pro is compatible with NMEA 2000
NMEA 2000 Compatible
The Siren 3 Pro captures and tracks advanced metrics from your connected boat
Advanced Metrics
Learn about siren business solutions
Get a wealth of smart data from your boat and systems