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Siren Products We Love

Posted by Sam Handy on

Since Siren Marine offers a wide variety of products, we take pride in concisely explaining the efficient features and uses we have found for our own boats. Today we took some time to sit down with our traveling sales team to ask them what their favorite Siren Marine products are. 

Here’s what the team came up with!

  1. The Wireless Entry Sensor: Receive instant notifications if there is unauthorized entry on the boat. Perfect for securing lockers, doors, and hatches. Install the Wireless Module on one side of the door or locker and the Open/Close Magnet on the other side. Link to the MTC and receive alerts when the door or locker is opened or closed.

Why we love it? With similar security functions to our popular Reed Switch sensor, this entry sensor is easy to install and completely wireless. 

  1. The Wireless Temperature Sensor: Monitor the temperature of the cabin, engine room, bait locker, or fridge. Place the Wireless Module in the area that needs to be monitored, link the module to the MTC and receive alerts if the temperature exceeds or drops below a preset level. The optional temperature probe can be used for measuring the temperature of specific equipment (e.g. engine) or hard-to-reach areas of the boat.

Why we love it? This product is the perfect tool to eliminate risk in potentially hazardous, high risk areas on the boat. The wireless temperature sensor is incredibly effective for monitoring engine and storage rooms on the boat. 

  1. The Canvas Snap Sensor: The canvas snap sensor is ideal for boats that have a canvas cover or part cover and replaces a canvas snap for entry alert. When the normally closed alarm circuit is opened, it triggers an entry alert to the boat owner and can also be rigged to sound an audible alarm. A snap cover sensor is a perfect solution for stopping unwanted access to the boat and expensive parts. Siren Marine is the only company that offers this unique security feature.

Why we love it? There is nothing like this on the market right now. The sleek, hidden design makes the snap sensor impossible for intruders to detect…that is, until your alarm goes off!

While these are a few of our favorite Siren products, we would love to hear about your experience with the Siren Marine products that you use. Share a product review or testimonial on our Facebook page. For support questions and information, don’t hesitate to call our support line at (401) 619 - 4774 or email support@sirenmarine.com


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