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Siren Marine President Daniel Harper Interviewed by Boating Local

Posted by Jonathan Banks on

Tom Richardson of Boating Local recently interviewed the President of Siren Marine, Daniel Harper, at the Brewer Pilots Point marina. In the accompanying video, Captain Harper provides a brief overview of Siren Marine's capabilities aboard the marina's 26-foot center console test boat. Many of the basic functions are discussed, with a more detailed explanation of Siren Marine's Geo-fence capability. With an internal highly sensitive 12 channel GPS, a Siren Marine unit notifies a boat owner to unauthorized asset movement. Whether a boat is stolen or begins to draft, the internal GPS acts as an electronic anchor drag alarm, and allows a boat owner to track and recover their boat with pinpoint accuracy.

Center Console Installation

Also in the video, Captain Harper walks through a basic center console installation. Of all boats on the water, center consoles are especially vulnerable to sinking based on their design. With smaller batteries and open cockpits, center consoles frequently take on water and rely on a comparatively lower battery source to supply bilge pumps with the power they need. When you factor in the fact that center consoles typically have lots of electronics also drawing from that battery, there is a real chance of a battery dying, leaving no power supply for the essential bilge pumps. As a result, center consoles are one of the class of boats most in need of a bilge pump/battery monitor on the ocean.

Thank you Tom and Boating Local magazine for the interview and video! Be sure to read the accompany article, and watch the full interview on Boating Local here.

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