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Why Choose Siren Marine?


Siren Marine protects you against the common occurrences that every boater should be concerned with. From simple annoyances like a dead battery, bilge full of water, drifting anchor, and lost shore power to serious problems like a break in or sinking, our products keep you safe! Whether in a lake or at sea, boat ownership demands constant vigilance.

Peace of Mind

Knowing about the vital systems on your boat with regularly scheduled reports, on the fly status, and receiving event-triggered alerts will give you the confidence you deserve. Your boat may be by itself most of the time, but it will never be alone!


Time is a luxury that most of us just don’t have enough of. The occasional unpleasant surprise is something that every seasoned boater has learned to live with. Siren Marine reduces those shocking discoveries and allows you to maximize your time on the water. Enjoy your boat at its best!

Insurance Discounts

Our customers typically gain a reduction in their premiums from 5% – 15%. Insurers realize that the ability to receive alerts to battery, bilge and criminal entry minimize losses when it matters most. Ask your insurance agent what discount our product will qualify you for.

Welcome to the Future

Our customers enjoy the ability to not only check on the vital systems on their boat, but control accessories or even their electrical system remotely. Left something on? Want to turn something on? Piece of cake! Just send a command and let Siren Marine be your onboard concierge. Boat ownership made better!