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Siren 3 Pro compatible label Siren 3 Plus compatible label

Shore Power Sensor Plug

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The Shore Power Sensor Plug allows boaters to monitor system-critical shore power from anywhere. Receive an alert in the event that shore power is lost and avoid costly system shutdown. The Shore Power Sensor Plug is ideal for larger vessels relying on external power sources to run critical systems while on the dock.

  • Dimensions: 3ft (wire) 2.5x1.5in (body)
  • Standard AC to DC adapter, 3V DC output
  • Plugs into AC outlet

Wiring Diagram - Siren 3 Pro

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Tech Specs



Dimensions 3ft (wire) 2.5x1.5in (body)
Inputs / Outputs -Standard AC to DC adapter, 3V DC output
-Plugs into AC outlet