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Siren Marine MTC Featured in West Marine's West Advisor

Posted by Sam Handy on

Siren Marine’s Connected Boat™ revolution is well underway — and more people than ever before are learning about it, right now!

West Marine’s West Advisor — a leading source of boating information and guidance for millions of online visitors around the world — has just published an in-depth article on “The Future of the Connected Boat,” featuring Siren Marine’s breakthrough MTC™ (Monitor/Track/Control) system.

Our new Siren MTC product is spotlighted in this article as state-of-the-art Connected Boat technology that brings a range of important benefits to all types of boats — and boaters.  This article by West Advisor Editor (INSERT NAME HERE) highlights the many ways Siren MTC gives boaters the peace of mind that comes from always knowing their vessel is safe, secure and ready to enjoy.  By eliminating worry from a wide range of common issues — dead batteries, leaking bilges, dragging anchors, even theft — Siren MTC makes boat ownership and boating more fun.

Readers of this article will also learn about Siren MTC’s advanced design and purpose-built construction to deliver reliable, long-term performance in the tough marine environment.   With an affordable purchase price, affordable global cellular plans through our partner Vodafone, and ease of installation using Siren’s network of wired and/or wireless sensors, Siren MTC is truly a solution for all boaters.  And thanks to recent exposure on West Marine’s website and a host of other print and online media coverage, boaters across the nation and around the world are learning about it.

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